Founded and invested by Hongkong International Paper Chemicals S&T Co. Ltd., Guangdong Chengming Chemical S&T Co., Ltd. sets up 3 production bases in Dongguan and Nantong, among which Dongguan Longteng Industrial Co. Ltd. put into production in 2003 and Nantong Tenglong Chemical S&T Ltd. in 2013; Guangdong Tenglong Chemical S&T Co., Ltd. was put into construction in 2010 and is expected to put into production in 2017. 


     Guangdong Chengming Chemical S&T Co., Ltd. is a modern high-tech papermaking chemical enterprise specializing in the production and sales of AKD neutral and alkaline sizing agent, surface sizing agent, dry strength agent for papermaking and carboxylated styrene latex products as well as providing technical services, with the production and sales of bactericide, retention aid agents, coating aid agents and sewage treatment agent as secondary businesses. With over 10 years of effort, the company has been recognized by the market.


    Carboxylic styrene butadiene latex

    Product introduction
    Carboxylated styrene butadiene latex, a kind of paper coating adhesive, independently produced by the company by adopting international leading production technology and the most advanced automation equipment; the annual production capacity of carboxylated styrene butadiene latex amounts to 200 thousand tons; the product is the copolymer of butadiene, styrene and unsaturated carboxylic acid through emulsion polymerization; due to high strength and strong adhesive force, good film-forming property, stable performance and high compatibility with pigment and filler, this product improves printing adaptability, as well as the glossiness, smoothness and surface strength of papers; this product is suitable for decorative materials, copperplate paper, white paper, white cardboard and other coated papers.

    Product characteristics
    a. With high mechanical stability and operability, the product is suitable for various types of coating equipment and equipment;
    b. Enhancing the surface glossiness and printing glossiness of papers, with high adhesive force.
    Usage methods
    The product is transmitted to dosing points through screw metering pump for coating according to the requirement of process.
    Packing and storage
    Packed in cans or liquid bags based on different needs of customers;
    Storage period: 6 months storage at room temperature and direct sunlight avoided.

    Surface sizing agent

    Product introduction
    Papermaking surface sizing agent, a new generation of styrene acrylic surface sizing agent independently developed by the company by adopting international leading technologies, is made from imported monomer raw materials; annual production capacity of surface sizing agent reaches 130 thousand tons; the products not only improves waterproof performance and surface quality of papers, but also reduces sizing costs, used for cultural paper, corrugated paper, kraft paper, cardboard and other papers needing surface sizing.

    Product application conditions
    a. The product is suitable for different sizing devices;
    B. To better give play to the effect of surface sizing agent, it is recommended to perform sizing under following conditions:
    Temperature of glue in workstation: 55-70 ℃     
    pH value of glue: 3.0-4.0,
    Viscosity of ℃: 20-40pcs                     
    Solid content of glue: 10.0-14.0%.
    Usage method
    Surface sizing agents are transmitted to storage tank by pneumatic diaphragm pump, and then constantly filled into sizing starch workstation by screw pump or metering pump, or added into the entrance of starch sizing pump online.
    Packing and storage
    Packed in IBC tanks or cans based on different needs of customers;
    Storage period: 6 months storage at room temperature and direct sunlight avoided.

    Dry strength agent

    Production introduction
    Papermaking dry strength agent, an amphoteric polyacrylamide reinforcing agent with network structure, is newly developed by the company by adopting international advanced papermaking technology; the annual production capacity of dry strength agent amounts to 100 thousand tons; the product is fully ionized at a wide range of PH values, not only effectively improving hydrogen bonding force in fibers, but also making covalent bond between ion groups more stable, thus significantly enhancing the sizing efficiency. The product is mainly used in high-strength corrugated paper, kraft paper, bobbin fiber paper and high-strength corrugated core paper etc..

    Product application conditions
    a. Used in weak acidic or neutral papermaking system, effectively enhancing the strength of papers;
    b. Increasing the retention of thickeners and fine fibers in the system containing a lot of anionic trashes, so as to improve the permeability properties of papers;
    c. Enhancing the retention rate of internal sizing agent and thereby improving its sizing degree.
    Usage methods
    The agent is diluted by 20-50 times through online dilution dosing device, and then transmitted into dosing points by screw pump for online filling: slurry is pumped from dozing chest and mixing chest into pipeline.
    Packing and storage
    Packed in IBC tanks or cans based on different needs of customers;
    Storage period: 6 months storage at room temperature and direct sunlight avoided.




    The company always adheres to the principle of “people-oriented, pragmatism, keeping up with the times and striving for excellence”, providing staff with competitive salary and humanized working environment; The company respects self-development of staff and advocates innovation and creativity, to encourage staff to give full play to their wisdoms and realize their values of life; complete employee occupation development planning, professional training system, as well as rich and colorful cultural and recreational activities improve staff’s personal and professional skills gradually, allowing employees and enterprise to grow and develop together, to implement enterprise spirits of “managing enterprise based on systems, focusing on quality and honesty, cooperation and unremitting self-improvement”.




    Chengming Chemical advocates the concept of environmental protection, and minimizes the harm to environment brought by products. The company proactively invests in the construction of sewage treatment facilities, introduces international advanced wastewater recycling and reuse system, pure water treatment system as well as large exhaust gas collecting and processing device, and sets up product safety and fire control center, providing reliable guarantee for corporate safety and environmental protection.



    The company is staffed by more than 300 people, among whom employees with senior and middle titles as well as professors account for more than 30%; R & D center and laboratory are equipped with advanced and professional devices and complete technical materials, with its technologies leading in the industry; all production lines are outfitted with international advanced SIEMENS automation control systems; the company purchases raw materials from international leading brands and adopts world-leading production technology with independent intellectual property rights, to provide high-quality products with stable performance.


    诚铭人坚持“精益求精,持续创新,创一流产品,满足客户需求”的质量方针,从产品研发、设计、制造各环节严格把控,规范工艺流程,使产品质量和性能在制造过程中得到有效控制,为制造优质产品打下坚实的基础, 并努力为客户创造全方位贴心服务!使诚铭公司在市场上树立了良好的口碑,赢得客户的认可和信赖。
    公司各生产基地先后通过了全面质量管理、国家标准化、科技档案级别达标验收。通过并获得了质量、环境、职业健康安全管理体系认证,管理体系的持续有效运营,保证了合同履约率100%,产品合格率100%, 顾客反馈意见及时处理率100%的经营目标及节约能源、资源,保护环境,杜绝污染的环境目标。科学规划、严格管理,对客户负责、对员工负责,对环境负责,对社会负责的承诺。
    Chengming Chemical adheres to the quality policy of “striving for excellence and constant innovation, as well as providing first-class products to meet customers’ demand,” and strictly supervises various links from product development and research to design and manufacturing, and standardizes technological processes to exert control of product quality and performance, laying a solid foundation for the production of high- quality products. In addition, the company provides customers with all-round close services, establishing a good reputation in the market and wining recognition and trust from customers.
    All production bases of the company meet comprehensive quality management standards, national standards as well as science and technology standards, and passed quality, environment, occupation health and safety management system certifications. Due to constant and effective operation of management systems, contract compliance rate, product qualification rate as well as timely customer feedback response rate all reach 100%, realizing business goals as well as environment goals such as energy and resource saving, environment protection and pollution prevention. The company advocates scientific planning and strict management, responsible for both of its customers and staff, as well as environment and the society.



    Nantong Jiangsu production base
    The base is located in Jiangsu province coastal economic development zone-Nantong City Rudong County Yangkou Chemical Science and Technology Park in the hinterland of developed Yangtze River Delta; the base is only 60 kilometers far from Nantong port, with favorable geographical position and convenient transportation. The base introduces domestic and international advanced automatic control production lines, and is equipped with high-quality production devices and world-leading production technology, to produce reliable products with excellent quality and stable performances.

    Guangdong Dongguan production base
    Located in the east coast of the Pearl River Estuary, Guangdong Dongguan production base, known as the “world factory”, is an important transportation hub and foreign trade port in Gunagdong Province. The company invested and built two production bases such as Guangdong Tenglong Chemical Technology Co., Ltd. and Dongguan Longteng Industrial Co., Ltd. Guangdong Tenglong Chemical Technology Co., Ltd. is situated in Humen Port Chemical Industrial Park, a provincial chemical industry park, covering an area of 150 mu; and Dongguan Longteng Industrial Co., Ltd. is seated in Machong Town Xinsha Port Industrial Zone, occupying an area of 160 mu. Production bases are equipped with complete and international advanced devices.



    Chengming Chemical has won widespread praises from customers with its stable and high-quality as well as highly cost-effective products, and its service and sales outlets are distributed in more than 50 regions in the world. Only by one phone call, the company provides customers with all-round services immediately. The company has a professional logistics network to deliver products at any time and provide high-quality services.
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